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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Your Pictured Memories - Pull-Ez Ribbon Purse

Another great product that I carry. Maybe you have seen a girl at a crop with one of these or just saw a empty one in the store and thought what is that?! This is a "ribbon purse". It holds all your ribbon in one convenient, easy to see place. You will LOVE it and it's hard to pass up a truly innovative scrapbook product. I recommend when you first get yours to take a blowdryer on low/medium heat to warm it up to smooth out the sides. It tends to be a little crunched from shipping. Next step is take all the ribbon you can find and start putting it in the holes of the purse. You think you have a lot of ribbon? I challenge you to fill this up. It also has a nifty pocket in the lid for those small scraps, self-adhesives, or fancy felts. I have these for sale for $18.99.

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  1. mine is not anywhere neared full ! and $18.99 is cheaper then the other stores !